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The HIV Resources Project exists to help persons living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers in suburban Virginia identify appropriate housing options and supportive services that will contribute to enhanced health outcomes and quality of life.  Read more about the HIV Resources Project

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Public Notices

Public Comment Sought on Proposed HOPWA Priority Services and Allocations Plan for 2017-18

Northern Virginia Regional Commission, as the Administrative Agent for Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) funding in suburban Virginia is seeking public comment on the proposed priority services and allocations for the Virginia portion of the Metro Washington HOPWA award.  The award is anticipated to be granted by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to the DC Dept. of Health HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration later this summer.  The amounts of the award, and the resulting Virginia sub-award are not yet known.  Planning for next year’s award assumed level funding.

Information for Decision Making:  At its meeting on June 1, 2017 the Northern Virginia HIV Consortium (the Consortium) received a data presentation on housing needs and trends among persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in suburban Virginia.  They also learned the numbers of households assisted with HOPWA last year and in the first six months of the current grant year, the demographics of those households, and costs per type of service provided.  They heard there are about 240 PLWHA on the Regional HOPWA Waitlist, which is currently closed, who are awaiting tenant-based rental assistance.  23 households from the regional wait list for TBRA have been referred for eligibility assessment and housing search in the first six months of the grant year.  National recognition of housing as health care and HOPWA program modernization efforts focused on increasing self-sufficiency of current and potential clients were also discussed.  

Priority Recommendations:  Following the data presentation the Consortium made the following recommendations on priorities for HOPWA services during the upcoming 2017-18 grant year, which begins October 1, 2017. The Consortium judged the following HOPWA allowable services to be priorities, with “1” representing the highest priority service.   

Housing Related and Supportive Services


Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)


Employment Readiness, Placement, & Retention (ERPR)


Short Term Rent, Mortgage and Utilities (STRMU)


Facility Operating Costs


Housing Case Management (HCM)




Permanent Housing Placement (PHP) (Security Deposits and First Month’s Rent)


Acquisition, rehabilitation, conversion, lease, and repair of facilities 


Housing Information

The Consortium discussed potential available funding and how it should be apportioned among priority services, assuming level funding.  They also planned for a possible 10% reduction in funding.  The slight increase in TBRA will allow for anticipated rent increases for existing clients.  The following allocation plan resulted from that discussion:

Proposed 2017-18 Suburban Virginia HOPWA Allocations Plans

Service Area


Estimated No. of Households to be Served

Scenario for a 10% Decrease in Funding

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)




Short-Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility assistance (STRMU)

$   114,404


$     64,846

Permanent Housing Placement (PHP)

$     67,216


$     38,100

Housing Case Management

$   213,148


$   120,816

Employment Readiness, Placement, & Retention (ERPR)

$   114,936


$     65,148


$     20,906


$     11,850

Housing Information and Referrals

$     38,500


$     38,500

Rehab/Perm. Supportive Housing Project & Facility Ops.

Project Sponsor Administration

$   173,005

$   155,705





ACA Enrollment for 2017 Closed until November 1,
, Unless Someone has a Major Life Change

All Ryan White clients or those who are eligible to become Ryan White clients, who qualify for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may enroll only during Open Enrollment. Until the next Open Enrollment, late in 2017, only those who change a job that provides their coverage, have a change in status, i.e. get married, or who have a change in residence to a location where their current coverage is no longer available, may qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP).

Medication Assistance and Best Plans for Persons with HIV/AIDS
Virginia ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program), can pay for HIV medications for those not enrolled in health insurance and offer information on obtaining ACA health insurance.

Contact: Medication Assistance Hotline: 1-855-362-0658 or

This VDH (Virginia Dept. of Health) Hotline also operates the Health Insurance Marketplace Assistance Program (HIMAP). HIMAP will pay both medication costs and health insurance premiums for eligible individuals enrolled in VDH approved Affordable Care Act plans. Those who enroll or re-enroll in health insurance without going through ADAP may not be eligible for ADAP support.

If you receive a letter from the Virginia Dept. of Health about health insurance, take action.

Hepatitis C Medication for Persons with HIV
Read on...

Northern Virginia Local Government Housing Programs

Periodically, local government housing departments "OPEN" various housing waitlists.  When this occurs, NVRC will post these openings:

Fairfax County
:  has currently OPENED the waitlist for the Fairfax County Rental Program (FCRP)

The Suburban Virginia Regional HOPWA Housing Waitlist is Closed
Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) closed the Regional HOPWA Housing (voucher) Waitlist effective January 30, 2015.  NVRC will not accept new applications to the waitlist after this date.  Currently there are no plans to re-open the waitlist. For HOPWA announcements and requirements for those currently on the waitlist read on.... 

Training on HIV Prevention Counseling & other HIV Topics
Priority will be given to Virginia providers and nursing contact hours will be provided.  Brought to you by:  Inova Juniper Program, Northern Virginia Local Performance Site of the Pennsylvania/ MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center (PA/MA AETC) and  the Virginia HIV/AIDS Resource and Consultation Center (VHARCC)

The FACTS, FUNDAMENTALS and WAIVED RAPID HIV Testing classes will be conducted throughout 2017 and 2018 at several sites in Virginia. Check this website or call the Inova Juniper Program at 703-321-2600.

Shape Up Your Finances

Learn how to make your buying power stronger. This list of free personal assistance is updated several times each year. Learn more...

Funding for this project was provided by:
US Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentHIV/AIDS Administration
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