NVRC and Ryan White

  • The Northern Virginia Regional Commission is a Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act (Ryan White CARE Act) administrator for Northern Virginia and Northwest Virginia
  • Last year, NVRC distributed just over $6 million in federal funds to agencies that provide a variety of services, including medical treatment, drugs, and supportive services, to people living with HIV/AIDS in Northern and Northwest Virginia
  • Funding is divided into several parts; NVRC administers Part A and B
    • Part A funds are available to metro areas that have been heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS – NVRC’s Part A award is part of funding to the greater Metro Washington area
    • Part B funds are a formula distribution to states, a portion of which is made available in Virginia to regional care consortia including the Northern Virginia HIV Consortium in Northern Virginia
  • Ryan White funding, through sub-grants, provides direct services to: low-income, uninsured, and underinsured people living with HIV and AIDS in Northern Virginia. In the case of Part A, dollars are also available to serve an arc of cities and counties south and west of NVRC’s geographic boundaries
  • NVRC’s administration includes the selection, distribution and monitoring of sub grantees, assessment of disease trends and design of appropriate service delivery responses, and hosting the Northern Virginia Consortium, the Part B planning and advisory body
  • Last year, Ryan White Part A and B funds leveraged an equal amount of funds derived from other federal grants, local government contributions, and private fundraising for services to people with HIV and AIDS
  • Read more about the Ryan White CARE Act on the HIV Resources Project website
Picture of data relative to the Ryan White Program.
Picture of data relative to the Ryan White Program.