Northern Virginia Regional Energy Strategy

In May 2011, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission approved development of a Northern Virginia Regional Energy Strategy. The regional strategy requires the following:

  • To develop regional energy actions that support local and regional energy goals
  • To bring together local energy goals, savings targets and measurement strategies to facilitate common actions
  • Complete energy use and greenhouse gas emission inventories in those localities not having a complete inventory
  • Opportunities for regional actions include:

    • Establishing a broad based energy efficiency program alliance
    • Providing training and assistance in developing district energy systems
    • Supporting energy-based economic development
    • Coordinating regional participation in utility solar demonstration and other programs
    • Expanding local green business challenges, and more
  • View the Regional Energy Strategy document, adopted by the Commission on May 26, 2011
  • View Presentation made by Stephen Walz, NVRC's Director of Regional Energy Planning, at the May 26, 2011 meeting of the Commission
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