Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety - Pocket Guides

Sharing the Road in Virginia: Laws & Safety Tips for Bicyclists, Pedestrians, and Motorists
NVRC operates the “Sharing the Road” project geared to bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers in Virginia.  The project is funded by Federal Highway safety funds through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  Project activities include the website, pocket guides and tip sheets distributed throughout the Commonwealth, and safety training and outreach in Northern Virginia. 

NVRC, state and local staff, and safety advocates developed a pocket guide for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The fourth edition of the pocket guide,"Share VA Road" is in print and available in English and Spanish. NVRC will be developing a website associated with the guide, as well as producing Spanish and another language version of the guide and website. To order bulk numbers of the guide (in excess of 350 copies) at a discounted rate or for more information please contact by email.

NVRC created a story map with an interactive map of bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the region for 2014 through June 2018. This tool can help residents identify dangerous intersections in their community.

Bike/Ped Map

Walking Safely Summit Materials and Resources

Materials from June 4, 2019 Summit, including presentations by America Walks,  Virginia DMV, Virginia DOT, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, and NVRC. America Walks also led training on how to perform a walkability audit. has more information on resources and materials.

Download Sharing the Road in Virginia
Download Sharing the Road in Virginia pocket guides and tip sheets 

Other Bilingual Safety Materials (please notify us of your distribution or use of our metrics):