Infrastructure Gap Analysis

Request for Proposals

 NVRC is seeking a consultant(s) or team that will focus on public engagement, infrastructure gap assessment, NEPA Documentation, and a Statement of Work for a grant from the Ferry Boat Program issued in 2014 from the Federal Transit Administration.

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Clarification on Request for Proposals - M-495 Commuter Fast Ferry on the Potomac

Under the section:  3. NEPA Documentation Preparation
"NVRC will prepare documentation supporting the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements.  Once received, FTA will make a determination regarding the appropriate class of action under NEPA for the project.
 Deliverable:  Sufficient documentation accepted by a recommended NEPA class of action request to FTA."

Question: It appears NVRC will be compiling the NEPA documentation and running the process appropriate to the class of action. What will be the consultants responsibility with regards to “sufficient documentation”?

The consultant is expected to prepare the documentation for a Categorical Exclusion

Final Report

The final infrastructure gap analysis report can be downloaded here.