Urban Stormwater BMP Expert Panel Reports

Below are the most recent Chesapeake Bay Expert Panel Reports that have completed the Chesapeake Bay BMP Protocol Process. These reports detail the process and conditions necessary to obtain a nutrient or sediment credit thru the Chesapeake Bay modeling system. As new urban BMP Expert Panel Reports are developed, or updated, they will be added to this section.

Algal Flow-way Technologies

Conservation Landscaping

Disconnecting Runoff from
Impervious Areas onto Amended Soils or Treatment in
the Stormwater Conveyance System

Erosion and Sediment Control

Floating Treatment Wetlands in Existing Wet Ponds

Elimination of Discovered Nutrient Discharges from Grey Infrastructure

Residential Stewardship - Reduction Associated with Installation of Homeowner BMPs

Septic Systems - Enhanced

Shoreline Management

Smart BMPs (CMAC)

State Stormwater Performance Standards

Stormwater Retrofits

Stream Restoration

Urban Filter Strips and Stream Buffer Upgrade Practices

Urban Nutrient Management

Urban Street Sweeping and Storm Drain Cleaning Practices

Urban Tree Canopy Expansion