Webinar Series 2022

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Green Design and Planning of Data Centers: The Experiences of Frankfurt, Germany and Northern Virginia

February 23, 2022
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm (EST)

Northern Virginia’s future climate and sustainability planning will rely with greater regularity on the strengthening the ties between sustainable planning, design, construction and operations of large-scale data centers and improved operations, reliability, and profitability.  Looking across the Atlantic and the eco-friendly design and architecture of data centers in cities such as Frankfurt, Germany, is one way to advance this positive work.

For example, Citibank’s Frankfurt am Main Data Center, was the first data center to secure a Platinum LEED certificate.  The building evolved through a multi-disciplinary team that fused ecological landscape plans, passive solar and natural daylighting design features, recycled materials with energy efficient operations and eye to the bottom line of profitability.

Please join NVRC, Virginia Tech and ARUP for a webinar on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:15pm (EST) in which Mr. Karsten Spengler, director of ARUP Germany’s Advanced Building Engineering operations, will share the evolution of the design, plans and construction of the Citibank Frankfurt am Main Data Center.  Mr. Spengler’s will be joined by Dr. Igor Cvetkovic, Virginia Tech, who will share the work of his team and Institute with energy efficient and green design technologies of data centers in Northern Virginia.  

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12:00 pm (EDT)      Welcome/Introduction

Ms.  Susan Piedmont- Palladino, Director of Virginia Tech’s Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center. 
Dr. Dale Medearis, Senior Regional Planner, Northern Virginia Regional Commission

12:10 pm (EDT)      An Overview of Frankfurt/Hesse

Mr. Karsten Spengler, Director, Science, Industry & Technology Lead, ARUP/Frankfurt

12:35 pm (EDT)      Data Centers’ Ties Between Design & Efficiency

Dr. Igor Cvetkovic, Research Scientist and Technical Director at Virginia Tech’s Center for Power Electronic Systems

1:00 pm (EDT)        Questions and Answers

Facilitated by Ms. Susan Piedmont-Palladino

1:15 pm (EDT)        Close


Habitat Protection Strategies for Northern Virginia:  Creative Innovations From Germany

March 2, 2022 
12:00pm - 1:15pm (EST)

Rapid urbanization across Northern Virginia is moving local governments and small businesses to seek creative programs that limit habitat erosion, destruction of biodiversity and the loss of native species.   

In Dortmund, Germany, one small business entrepreneur works with the local community and government to rehabilitate habits (especially for bees) and biodiversity through practical, small-scale low-cost ways.  Sebastian Everding and the firm with which he now works - “Better World Machines” – partners with local community associations, businesses, NGOs and schools to collect former gumball vending machines for repair and conversion into seed dispensers.  Everding has strategically placed the re-purposed seed dispensers near libraries, office complexes and public transit stations.  At a cost of $0.50, residents purchase seed packets from the dispensers and scatter or plant the seeds at local parks, open spaces or even planters on balconies across the City.  Everding’s work has spread to dozens of other cities in Germany - and Europe.  The evolution is Everding’s business model is a tale of small-scale success fusing creative enthusiasm, low-tech, workforce training, passion for sustainability and biodiversity. Wehrheim, Germany, and the work of Ms. Christina Gruber-Eifert, offers another unique perspective into the applications of Better World Machines and local-level environmental education.

Please join the NVRC and the George Mason University School of Business for a webinar on March 2, 2022, in which Sebastian Everding and Christina Gruber-Eifert, will share the evolution of their work and the business, training, education and business lessons models.  A discussion will follow about the potential for replication of this work across Northern Virginia. 

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12:00pm (EST)      Welcome/Introduction

Dr. Lisa Gring-Pemble, George Mason University School of Business
Dr. Dale Medearis, Northern Virginia Regional Commission

12:05pm (EST)      

The case of the “Better World Machines”

Mr. Sebastian Everding, “Better World Machines” 

The case of Wehrheim, Germany

Ms. Christina Gruber-Eifert, Wehrheim, Germany

12:55pm (EST)      Question and Answer

Dr. Lisa Gring-Pemble, George Mason University School of Business
Dr. Dale Medearis, Northern Virginia Regional Commission

1:15pm (EST)         Close