Three Homeless Services Lists Updated for 2020-2021

Photo of snow and trees.During the winter months when low temperatures pose a greater risk for homeless people living outdoors, additional sheltering resources are available. NVRC's information on Prince William County has just been partially updated in the December 2020 Suburban Virginia Winter Shelter List

NVRC's annual update to the Suburban Virginia Homeless Shelter List, describes the shelters that exist throughout the region and the requirements for participation in their programs. Information on Prince William County services has just been partially upddated.

NVRC has also updated the 2020 list of the daytime drop-in centers in the region with their services and contact information. These centers, which usually allow anyone to walk in, will often be the first contact that a homeless person has with the services that can help him or her. See the Suburban Virginia Homeless Drop-in Center List.

Updates are posted in November each year. Check the date at the top of the list you need. If is not the current year, check back until the update is available.

Questions and comments should be sent to the address at the bottom of each list when downloaded or previewed.