Solid Waste Policy and Legislative Initiatives

The Northern Virginia Waste Management Board tracks and analyzes policy issues affecting waste management and recycling in the commonwealth, outlined in 2020 legislative positions. The Board has developed fact sheets on state issues of critical importance to the proper and safe waste management and waste diversion in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Topics Include:

  • Contamination costs to Virginia residents and businesses and how it harms recycling,  
  • The challenge and recommendations for recycling Container Glass in Virginia, 
  • Extended Producer Responsibility provides a solution that reduces economic, environmental, and safety impacts from consumer products,
  • The importance of Materials Recovery Facilities and recyclable processing in Virginia's waste management operations,
  • Recommended improvements to reduce the burden of Electronic Waste for localities,
  • The importance of the state Tire Fund as a tool to fund responsible tire recycling, and
  • The importance of the state Litter Fund as a critical fund for Virginia's local waste management.

The Northern Virginia Waste Management Board tracks State legislative and regulatory activities and makes recommendations to local legislative liaisons related to solid waste and recycling issues.