NVH Consortium

The NVH Consortium is a 110-member community coalition concerned with HIV and AIDS issues in suburban Virginia.  As stated in the bylaws, the Consortium exists:

  1. to provide an integrated, comprehensive response to the HIV epidemic in Northern Virginia
  2. to provide a forum for collaboration and problem solving in service delivery
  3. to serve as a planning body for HIV prevention and treatment resources, among other goals
Members of the Consortium include local health departments, AIDS service organizations, non-profit service providers, service consumers, and advocates.  The Consortium relies on people living with HIV (PLWHs) and direct service providers to enlighten discussions with their knowledge and experiences.  Consortium membership is free.  For more information about becoming a Consortium member, refer to the membership form.

To learn more about Consortium committees, read on....

Periodically the NVH Consortia will conduct an orientation to the NVH Consortium.  Information regarding the by-laws, federal laws and regulations regarding the Ryan White CARE Act and HOPWA, as well as service areas funded by Ryan White and HOPWA are provided during the training.  This information is covered within the orientation class and the manual.  NVH Consortium Orientation Manual

The Consortium meets the first Thursday of every month, at 10:00 am at NVRC offices in Fairfax. Consortium meetings often feature a presentation or other discussion topic, updates on legislative and regulatory issues, status reports on spending and service delivery for the three federal grants, reports from Consortium committees, and other information useful to the body.

Consortium and Committee meeting schedule and contacts

Agendas for upcoming Consortium and Consortium Executive Committee meetings are usually posted at least two days ahead of the meeting.

Regional HIV Prevention Plan
The Consortium's Prevention and Education Committee is responsible for updating the Northern Virginia Regional HIV Prevention Plan March 2015. This plan identifies
  • priorities for activities to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, regardless of funding source;
  • summarizes the populations at high risk of contracting the disease, based on current rates of infection; and
  • contains recommendations for prevention actions.

The Consortium reviews the updated plan annually, usually at its September meeting.

Ryan White CARE Act
The Consortium is the state-designated policy-making body for Ryan White Part B programs.  The Consortium also advises NVRC on policy priorities for Ryan White Part A and Minority AIDS initiative (MAI) programs and Housing Opportunites for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), consistent with NVRC's role as the political subdivision selected by Northern Virginia local governments to accept and manage this money on their behalf.

Ryan White Planning Council
In the spring of each year, the Consortium serves as a committee to the Ryan White Planning Council (or the Metropolitan Washington Regional Health Services Planning Council), the federally-designated policy-making body for Ryan White Part A programs in Metropolitan Washington.  In this capacity, the Consortium receives information, decides service priorities, and develops funding recommendations for the coming year for consideration by the Planning Council.

Ryan White Planning Council