HUD Approved HOPWA Services

HOPWA eligible services are described in the HOPWA regulations at the United States Government Printing Office website. Eligible services include:

Acquisition, rehabilitation, conversion, lease, and repair of housing facilities

 Housing information

  • addresses fairhousing/housing discrimination issues
  • assistance with finding, paying for, and maintaining housing
  • counseling
  • information and referral

New construction for single room occupancies (SROs) and community residences

Operating costs
 for housing, including:

  • equipment
  • furnishings
  • insurance
  • maintenance
  • operations
  • security
  • supplies
  • utilities

 Project-based or tenant-based rental assistance
, including shared housing arrangements

 Resource identification
 including funding for planning and pre-development activities to coordinate and develop housing resources

 Short-term rent, mortgage, and utilities assistance
 to prevent homelessness

 Supportive services
 including, but not limited to:
  • assistance in obtaining access to local, state, and federal benefits/services
  • child care
  • food assistance
  • health care for persons living with HIV / AIDS
  • legal assistance
  • mental health or substance abuse treatment 
  • transportation

 Technical assistance
to develop and operate a community residence