Health insurance, usually available through your job, is your first and best resource to pay for treatment. Public programs to pay for HIV/AIDS care or prescriptions require clients to keep and use any private health insurance they have available.

Public funds, like Ryan White, are funds of last resort. You must show that you have no other source of health care coverage before you can get this and many other sources of public assistance. If you are not able to afford the premiums that pay for your health insurance, Ryan White can sometimes provide assistance. Check with one of these organizations.

Health Insurance Changes with the Affordable Care Act
When the Health Insurance Marketplace (or Exchange) opens in October of 2013, there will be new options for affordable health insurance including purchase subsidies for lower-income persons and families. Medicaid and Ryan White will continue to cover the costs for those with the lowest incomes.

More information is becoming available as the many organizations and systems involved in implementing the Affordable Care Act announce their policies. For a quick summary of the status of plans in Virginia as of April 3, 2013, read on...