Fairfax County Profile


Fairfax County is governed by a Board of Supervisors comprised of 10 members: a chairman, elected at large, and one member from each of nine Supervisor districts, elected for four-year terms. The Board appoints a County Executive to administer the county government.

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Located in Northern Virginia, the eastern edge of the County is approximately ten miles from Washington, DC.

Size and Population

  • 395 square miles
  • 1,145,978, July 1, 2018 population estimate (Weldon Cooper Center)

NVRC Representatives

Hon. Penelope A. Gross


Hon. Patrick Herrity


Hon. Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

Hon. Dalia A. Palchik

Dalia Palchik-Providence

Hon. James R. Walkinshaw

James Walkinshaw-Braddock

Hon. Rodney Lusk

Rodney Lusk-Lee-Web-Res-Portrait

Hon. Walter Alcorn

Walter Alcorn-Hunter Mill-Web Res-Portrait