Emerging Demographic Trends in Northern Virginia

Demographic Inversion

Excerpt from the October 23, 2008 presentation made by Ken Billingsley, Director of Demographics and Information to the Northern Virginia Regional Commission:

What's going on out there?  How are we changing demographically?  And what are the implications of the demographic changes for the services government provides, for the schools, for the housing market, for the way people in the inner and outer suburbs of Northern Virginia may vote in the upcoming presidential and congressional elections?

We hear these questions often, and for good reason.  Even with limited factual data, we know anecdotally that a lot has been happening demographically this decade.  And we won't know the full dimensions until the 2010 census is released, particularly the impacts arising from home foreclosures, the financial meltdown, rising fuel costs and immigration enforcement dynamics.

But there are some important demographic themes emerging and I want to focus on one in particular this evening--what Alan Ehrenhalt, Executive Editor of Governing Magazine calls the "demographic inversion," a new descriptive label, like Edge Cities, that Ehrenhalt has coined to describe changes in metropolitan migration and settlement patterns that are rearranging metropolitan populations in different and more complex ways than that which has characterized the past half century.

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