Purcellville Charrette


The Purcellville Charrette was held May 1-3, 2003, to look at land use and marketing strategies, parking and other planning issues in the historic downtown of Purcellville, Virginia.

NVRC brought in outside consultants who had no vested interest or stake in the community and thereby offered a more impartial judgement.  For more information, please contact NVRC at 703-642-0700, or email e-mail.


The purpose of the Purcellville Charrette consisted of 6 priorties:

  • Develop a vibrant, historic commercial district
  • Improve transportation corridors and traffic flows
  • Expand pedestrian safety and access
  • Protect and conserve open space, greenways, intercourses, streetscapes and tree canopies
  • Pursue economic, employment and public service opportunities
  • Balance the mix of land and development uses

The charrettealso determined goals and objectives with recommendations to achieve the six priorites listed above.