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Jan 03

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? - Allison Doerfler

Posted on January 3, 2020 at 12:19 PM by Bob Lazaro


Some of the most common resolutions include:

  • Save money/spend less
  • Do more for the environment
  • Read more books, news, articles
  • Connect more with family and friends
  • Reduce Stress

What if I told you all of these could be accomplished simply by ditching your car and choosing mass transit?

We all know this region is known for its traffic, why not help the problem and help yourself by choosing a mass transit option for your commute to and from work?

New Years Resolution FlyerSave Money/Spend Less

Did you know that the Federal Government offers a subsidy to all federal employees? The Federal Mass Transit Subsidy is available to all federal employees, offering up to $270/month toward the purchase of tickets for local and regional bus, rail systems, and even vanpools.

AAA has estimated the monthly cost of maintaining and operating an automobile is $309. Just think of the money and value you can save by using some variation of mass transit. To learn more about the Federal Mass Transit Subsidy go to:

Do More for the Environment

While there is a lot of debate about what is happening with the environment, we can all agree fewer cars on the road emitting exhaust is a good thing. Be a part of the solution and help combat pollution by using mass transit. Options include the Virginia Rail Express (VRE), metro, vanpooling, car-pooling, and buses. There are lots of options, and we have the answers. We can point you in the right direction, and even help you get started in your effort to do more for the environment by committing to mass transit

Read More Books and News

Have you read any of the Classics? Have you always wanted to be better up to date with the news? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a book club? Now you can with all the extra time you will have during your commute to and from work.

While the average commute in the area ranges from 30-40 minutes, let someone else drive while you catch up on some of the newest best-sellers. By not driving and using that time to read you can easily meet your New Year’s resolution goals of reading more.

Connect More with Family and Friends

Don’t we all wish we could spend more time catching up with family and friends? Wish we had that 10 extra minutes in the day to call, send a text, or an email to some-one. Just think about all the catching up you can do while someone else drives: Send that text to your sister in Phoenix; email your friend who just had a baby; or catch up on your social media. Reconnect during your commute, by using mass transit.

Pledge to Make Mass Transit Your New Year’s Resolution

Do your part to help alleviate the region’s traffic problem, all while meeting your own resolution goals. We at NVRC are committed to educating and assisting military members and their families, civilians, and contractors commuting to and from the bases. Learn more and commit to mass transit, a resolution you can commit to all year. For information and questions contact us and let us help you with your goal!

Allison Doerfler
Military Transportation Coordinator
(703) 642-4641