All Staff


3040 Williams Drive
Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22031


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Huell, Carole Deputy Director of Human Services 703-642-4643  
Agar, Tim Federal Grants Contract Monitor 703-642-4642  
Goulet, Normand Sr Environmental Planner & Occoquan Program Mgr. 703-642-4634  
Kesselmann-Smith, Gina Management Analyst 703-642-4622  
Lazaro, Robert W. Executive Director 703-642-4629  
Medearis, Dale Senior Environmental Planner 703-642-4630  
Puranik, Rashmi Federal Grants Data Analyst 703-642-4644  
Simmons, Michelle Director of Human Services 703-642-4632  
Smith, Tylee Human Services Planner 703-642-4638  
Spiliotopoulos, Debbie Senior Environmental Planner 703-642-4631  
Tadej, Peggy Director of Military Affairs 703-642-4635  
Tenney, Linda Deputy Executive Director 703-642-4678  
Kaneff, Jill Demographer/GIS Analyst 703-642-0700  
Wagner, Alexandra Water Resources Planner/GIS Analyst    
Jackson, Nora Resiliency Planner    
Roseboro, Tyon Receptionist 703-642-0700  
Murphy, Rebecca Resources Program Manager 703-642-4625  
Mattocks, Vonzell Military Installation Resiliency Project Manager 703-642-4641  
Sherman, Linnea Regional Trails Coordinator